Perceiver AI Partners with myairops

Perceiver AI Partners with myairops

Perceiver AI Partners with myairops

As the first mass market application of genetic programming-based AI, Perceiver AI has been in discussions with leading companies in a variety of industries that can benefit from our groundbreaking application. Our innovative, industry-leading AI solution helps organizations improve the efficiency of their operations.

One firm that has extensively evaluated our solution, myairops, has recently entered into a partnership with Perceiver AI to offer its customers added efficiency over a variety of functions. This exclusive partnership will provide optimization solutions to the aviation industry, starting with fuel cost and CO2 emissions reduction.

myairops has been in business for 34 years, providing services focused on automating business processes for the aviation industry. The company’s WorldView automation engine adapts and responds automatically to changing information.

The deal provides for myairops to offer aviation products with Perceiver AI technologies built in. We will also be packaging our co-developed solutions in a standalone format so that commercial airlines can benefit from them, in addition to users of the myairops platform.

Please find the full press release here!

Developing the Partnership

In today’s market for AI-driven software solutions, companies can choose from a wide variety of products. Finding the one that is best for their business typically requires a thorough evaluation process. A prime factor in myairops’s selection of Perceiver AI was the repeatability of the solution’s process. It doesn’t take a tremendous amount of effort on the user’s part to put the software to work to generate insights from their data on an ongoing basis.

What Sets Perceiver AI Apart?

Along with ease of use and repeatability, there are a number of other qualities that separate Perceiver AI from the competition. These include:

  • Novel evolutionary engine that leverages a mathematically superior approach to achieve the following:
  1. Consistently outperforms existing AI including deep learning: While deep learning and neural networks have made significant advances in recent years, they still face very real limitations.
  2. Achieves causal analysis in addition to pattern recognition: Deep learning technologies are limited to pattern matching and recognition; this is something that the human mind is very strong at, but there are many problems in the world that require tools outside of pattern matching.
  3. Produces completely transparent models delivered as code: Deep learning technologies function as black boxes – you can’t look inside them and inspect them to see how the AI produced an outcome.
  4. Removes human bias: Perceiver AI’s engine determines for itself how to evolve the solution without guidance from humans, therefore reducing the likelihood of the introduction of bias.
  5. Allows the user to build upon existing knowledge (laws of physics, biomedical models, and all other known axioms, theorems, and algorithms): This offers advantages over deep learning technologies which must be trained anew for each application (even with transfer learning, the capability is severely limited). With those technologies, the learning process starts from scratch each time.
  • Perceiver AI is also designed to be highly scalable and is able to accommodate expansive datasets using sophisticated distributed programming.

Industries where Perceiver AI has made notable progress in bringing in advancing use of its solution include:

  • Energy: Many use cases in the energy space require optimization, which is a function Perceiver AI excels at.  We are currently working with a top telecommunications company to reduce energy spend across their global network of cellular base stations.  We will also soon start working with the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab with the goal being to accelerate fusion R&D.
  • Investment management: Perceiver AI has proven highly successful in predicting upcoming price moves across a variety of assets.  This too is an optimization problem.
  • Logistics and transportation: In addition to our partnership with myairops, Perceiver AI has also completed a pilot with Frontier Airlines involving a technique called tankering which involves purchasing fuel in excess of what is needed at a stop because it is cheaper. This approach actually adds significant complexity, because it creates more weight on the plane. Which increases drag and, depending on weather and other conditions, time since the engines were last serviced, among other factors. Perceiver AI’s solution was able to provide a 30% improvement, equating to $6.5 million of savings in fuel per year.

Contact Us to Learn More

Given the complexity of the aviation market, Perceiver is confident we can deliver game-changing results across a wide variety of industries. If you’d like to contact us to find out more about our product, please use this link.